Tuesday, June 14, 2011

June 6: A Tortuga Comes Out of His Shell

I wish I had been blogging continuously, because honestly, I have absolutely no idea what we did Monday morning.  We headed back out to the care center Monday afternoon for our final meeting with T and A prior to court (scheduled for Wednesday, June 8).  We got to see yet another room in the care center, this one a tiny meeting room for families.  This one seemed more appropriate for families adopting older children, but we made it work.

After they brought T and A in, we all crashed on the pillows.  Sisaye Claire and T had a terrific time playing on the floor pillows.

A spent most of her time playing with my hair:

Oh, and chewing on markers.  Actually, both T and A spent most of their time chewing on markers.  That's what happens when you're parenting numbers 3 and 4, I guess.  A little less concerned about things like poisoning and small choking hazards :).  You're also a little less concerned about what the older kidlettes are getting up to.  A case in point:

Yep, that would be our darling oldest daughter owning up to her fine artistic addition to the brand new, freshly painted wall.  Excellent.  Next photo, please.

Yep, that would be my husband, using his sock to remove said artistic addition.  Shhhh.  Let's not talk about the screechy quality of my voice around about this time.  Moving on :).

A seemed to tolerate us a bit more on this day.  In retrospect, I think hunger may have had something to do with her grumpiness on June 4.  This day, she was smiley smiley again.  I wish I could post more photos of her, but they're all facial closeups.  That smile was just too much to resist!  She seems fairly mellow, given to smiling so long as she's full.  As I mentioned before, she is quite top heavy, and still tripods a bit when she's sitting up.  She enjoys putting things in her mouth, and already has a few teeth (though I haven't counted the exact number).  We did attempt to get her to crawl at one point, but she was having none of it.  I'm not certain if that is because she can't, or simply didn't want to at that given moment in time.  Maybe she's not as mellow as I thought :).

T was a different creature entirely.  He seemed to recognize us very quickly when they brought him in, and we were thrilled to witness his laughing, smiling, crawling all over the place (and all over his giggly big sister), and pulling up to the table!  Yay!

He was very engaged, turned his head when we called his name, put lots of markers in his mouth, went from sitting up to crawling, crawling to sitting up.  He was just a very busy, engaged little guy.  We were thrilled to finally meet the "real" T.  At one point, I called "Nah!" (which means "come here.")  The first time I said it, he scooted right over to me.  A few minutes later, I said it again.  He looked right at me, started laughing, and proceeded to scoot backwards as quickly as he could.  We were hysterical.  Hooray for shy little boys who have an independent streak.

Poor Dinkeneh somehow avoided appearing in any of the photos we took this day, but rest assured:  He was present and accounted for :).

Two days until court.

P.S.  The park photos from June 2 should now be visible.


Mark and Sarah said...

Oh goodness...the marker incident is so my life! Can you blog any faster (hehe!), I'm dying to know how court went!!

Cindy said...

LOL.....cleaning the wall with a sock. I LOVE it!! Happiness : )

Life in the Bend said...

I love it - especially the sock! Sisaye's hair looks really pretty in these photos, by the way.

Jules said...

Thinking of all six of you. Keep blogging! We're anxious to hear:). Sending up lots of prayers. Love, Aunt Julie

Jane said...

Oh not, not his new socks! Sisaye's hair looks really cute, too! I really enjoy reading these updates!!!!!!