Wednesday, June 15, 2011

June 7: Meeting Up

We were lucky enough to meet up with another blog family that we've "known" for a little over two years now.  Well, I've known Heather.  Chris said, "Who are we meeting?"  Ah, well.  :)  Poor Chris was stuck babysitting two fairly irritable kidlettes while I visited with Heather, Brian, and their new baby girl.  I was planning on posting a photo, but I don't think Heather has posted one of the newly united family of four, so I'll hold off.  But like I said, we had a terrific, if short, visit.  Congratulations on having both your kiddos together, Heather!

The only other things worth mentioning:  Sisaye finally broke out her rainy season gear, and I was pretty short-tempered due to stress.

Court in one day.


P. said...

I am so excited for you guys!! T and A seem like a joy to your hearts!!! I hope you letter comes soon. I will spin up the prayer beads to get that letter quickly!


Heather said...

Hi!!!! Time has flown this month, as you might imagine. Are you still in Ethiopia? Trying to scan your blog for the answer! Did the MOWA letter arrive? Send me an email! It was so great to finally meet you in person - in ETHIOPIA! I so wish we could have traveled outside of the Jemimah Guest House for crying out loud! Your kids are the cutest. Amazing to see Sisaye all grown up (well, compared to the baby bundle we met in 2009!). Hope you and the family are well and complete, or near completion, by now.