Monday, January 23, 2012


We are digging the Montessori goodies we snagged over the holidays.  Dinkeneh and Sisaye got to try out their snow shovels when it snowed last week.  While Sisaye's interest was fleeting, I think Dinkeneh assisted in some actual sidewalk snow removal.  Also, as part of our efforts to maintain a whole foods household in the midst of transition, we've adopted Mama Papaya's Sunday prep method.  Dinkeneh and Sisaye rocked out the veggie prep with their new wavy cutters.  The soup may have been a bit chunky for my taste, but the kidlettes were pleased as punch with their contribution to dinner.  And yes, that is Sisaye channelling her turtle power during dinner prep.

Just for the record, I love love love how confident Dinkeneh and Sisaye are becoming in their ability to make meaningful contributions to the household.  But at the same time, my heart aches a wee bit as I see the baby slipping away.  A little bitter with the sweet.  Love them both.  


Jane said...

I am loving this posting spurt!!!

shell said...

these pictures are great!! you are such a patient mom.