Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Outdoor Explorations

I'm a bad mama.  I tried (one time) to get the new kidlettes out into the snow.  I got both into their snowsuits, and then realized that I had absolutely no freaking idea where the tiny snowboots were, and absolutely no freaking energy to go hunting for them.  Off came the snowsuits, and the newbies were relegated to watching the biglettes (thoughts? nah.) cavort in the drifts through the back window.  The following photo adventure reflects the sum total of snow exposure the newbies have had since arriving home 7.5 weeks ago.  I swear I will unearth the darn snowboots before spring arrives.  Isweariswearisweariswearipinkyswear.


Mark and Sarah said...

You know...there are just some things the younger(s) don't get to do, that the olders do. And usually the under-1 set doesn't care to be out for more than a minute, so no worries...there is always next year.

Jules said...

Love all these pics. What is Abrihet doing? And imagine Dinkeneh playing with a ball...:)

Cindy said...

I will only judge on that dark bit of snow the kids are eating. :) What fun to watch all your babes running around. Makes me want to get just one more (I kid!). Oh! I just remembered - don't feel bad cuz I couldn't find Bereket's regular shoes this morning so he wore crocs to school (it was below freezing this morning!).