Saturday, February 18, 2012

Firsts: Playground/Swings

When my mother-in-law was here assisting while Chris was sick, we ventured to the park for the first time.  Because Tsega spent the vast majority of his 20+ months on this earth in an institution, and then got transplanted to a cold winter where venturing out is limited, I think this trip was revelatory:  the outdoors is actually a place you can explore.  Who can believe it?  I'm not sure he did for a bit.  Abrihet was amused, but in more of a "yeah, I'll tolerate this cold for a little bit" sort of way.  Dinkeneh tried assisting with the swing pushing, which Tsega was none too thrilled about, but otherwise, the youngest kidlettes loved the swings.  We are thankful for every day we're able to get outside in South Bend.


Jane said...

Yes, I've been waiting to see these. It was a fun time!

Anonymous said...

Ha! Love the bottom two photos. Keep 'em coming!!!

Anonymous said...

So cute. Waiting for warmer weather.